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Our Partial Pool Maintenance Plan for Key Biscayne, FL Homeowners

For customers in Key Biscayne, FL we provide a Partial Pool Maintenance Plan that accounts for much of the duties involved in keeping your inground pool swimming pool. To keep your swimming pool running smooth you should run the pool equipment, net, maintain proper water level, vacuum, and call us about any issues. The Pool Guys of Key Biscayne technicians do the rest.

Read the info below illustrating the service duties of Our Duties vs Your Duties for the Partial Pool Maintenance Plan.

Beginning at $99/month

Our Duties

We check your pool equipment.
We verify your swimming pool cleaner operation.
We clean your pool sweep wall screen.
We backwash your filter on regular basis.
We empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets.
We vacuum your pool once a month.
We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of pool issues.
We brush your pool (steps, tiles, walls).
We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter).
We keep your pool water healthy and purge any algae. Algae Free Guarantee.
We test your pool water and apply chemicals and minerals to keep your water in peak condition.

Your Duties

Vacuum your pool, if desired, on weeks we did not.
Net your pool surface and bottom.
Report to us any sightings of swimming pool issues.
Keep the pool equipment operating approving repairs when necessary.
Maintain correct water level.


Stabilizer treatments quarterly.
There could be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.
Monthly price based on a 4 week billing cycle.
Full Pool Maintenance Equipment and Chemicals

Want us to just take care of everything? Consider upgrading to our Full Pool Maintenance Plan.

Pools You Find in Key Biscayne Florida

The most common swimming pools in Key Biscayne, FL are inground pools. There are several reasons why inground pools are so common. With these pools you have the ability to customize the features, depth and shape of your pool. However, there are a couple of issues with inground pools that owners should be aware. The first issue is that because the pool has a slightly rough texture, algae growth is more likely to occur than it would be on some other types of pool, like a fiberglass pool. Key Biscayne pool owners should also be aware that if metal based chemicals are used it can stain your pool's walls and floor. This requires special treatment to remove. However these problems are easily avoided when your pool is maintained and cleaned by a professional Florida pool service company.